Is The Tesla Pickup Truck Price High For You??

Is The Tesla Pickup Truck Price High For You??


Tesla Pickup Truck Price
  • The new Tesla Pickup Truck launched in automobile market.
  • The new Tesla Pickup Truck comes with new features and specification.
  • The new Tesla Pickup Truck price starts from $39,900 and goes up to $69,900.
  • 250-Mile Tesla Cyber truck, 300-Mile Tesla Cyber truck And 500-Mile Tesla Cyber truck are the variants comes in Tesla Pickup Truck.
  • The Automatic transmission options are available in new New Tesla Pickup Truck.
  • The motor of New Tesla Pickup Truck comes with the hybrid or smart technology that enhances power of delivery
  • The New Tesla Pickup Truck comes with 6 people seating space. And with Towing capacity: 7,500 lb, 10,000 lb and 14,000 lb.
  • Green, White, Black, Blue and Pink colours options are available in Tesla Pickup Truck.
  • The sledgehammer display wasn’t the only showy stunt the Tesla Pickup truck took part in.
  • The Cybertruck showed its speed by beating the sporty Porsche 911 in a drag race.
  • Musk showed the tug-of-war battle between Cyber truck and Ford F150 to prove the strength of cyber truck.
  • Rivian Pickup Truck and Nikola Pickup Truck are the competitors of the Tesla Pickup Truck.


You might have heard rumors that Tesla’s Cybertruck is bulletproof. The jury is still out on whether that’s actually true. Elon Musk started the rumor himself and intended to demonstrate it at the Los Angeles show. He encouraged Tesla’s design chief Franz von Holzhausen to hit the Cybertruck’s door with a sledgehammer several times. The door , which, like the rest of the Cybertruck, is made from rugged 30X cold-rolled stainless steel , fared well. It’s uncertain though whether the impact of a sledgehammer is really comparable to a bullet.

The exact battery specs haven’t been released, but the RWD truck will have a 250 mile range, the dual-motor AWD will go 300 miles, and the tri-motor AWD truck is promising 500 miles to give it the longest range of any electric vehicle on sale today. In terms of raw capabilities, Musk is claiming the Cyber truck will run the table. Payload capacity is said to be 7,500 lb, 10,000 lb and 14,000 lb , well into heavy-duty truck territory, and the all-important towing figures

Price And Variant

250-Mile Tesla Cyber truck$39,900Single motor and Automatic
300-Mile Tesla Cyber truck$49,900Dual motor and Automatic
500-Mile Tesla Cyber truck$69,900Triple motor and Automatic
Tesla Pickup Truck price starts from $39,900 and goes up to $69,900.


Single motorAutomatic
Dual motorAutomatic
Triple motorAutomatic


Length231.7 inch
Width79.8 inch
Height75 inch
Wheelbase149.9 inch
Seating Capacity6


Front Tyre Size35-inch
Rear Tyre Size35-inch


ClassLight Commercial Vehicle /M Segment
Body Stylepolygonal
LayoutRear motor, Rear Wheel Drive Dual-or Tri Motor, All Wheel Drive
PlatformTesla In House

Tri-motor AWD powertrain will deliver Tesla’s customary rapid acceleration in the form of a 2.9-second zero to 60 mph time and a 10.8-second quarter mile—plus a frankly-surprising 130-mph top speed. And the standard air suspension, it will also offer up to 16 inches of ground clearance.

The bed—there is in fact a bed hiding in that triangle that converts to a 100-cubic-foot lockable trunk with a roll-down cover—isn’t the only storage on board.

There’s also a frank and compartments along downward-sloping roofline behind the rear side windows. Speaking of those, they’re made of armored glass that accidentally broke during the on-stage demo.

Interior Images


Rivian Pickup Truck

Nikola Pickup Truck


The tri-motor truck will come with standard Autopilot to give it the most advanced ADAS offering on the market. There will be onboard 110-volt and 220-volt outlets plus an air compressor to power electric and pneumatic tools.It’ll seat six people with a jump seat in the front-middle spot. Press photos also show a rectangular steering wheel and a single centrally-mounted screen on the dash as well as a panoramic glass roof.

There’s another photo in the press kit showing some planned extras like a bed tent and fold-out kitchen.The Cybertruck has three distinct sets of lights up front. What most would refer to as fog lights where a bumper would typically be, a full-width LED light element acts as the headlight, and LED off-road-like lights are mounted to the “roof”.The full-width headlight is a new idea, but there’s been no discussion as to whether it is street-legal.

The Cybertruck has seating for six with two three-seat benches inside the four-door cab. The simple, horizontal dashboard features a center-mounted 17-inch touchscreen.It looks big, but that’s more a trick of the insane design than actual size.The Cybertruck is 231.7 inches long (with a 6.5-foot bed), 79.8 inches wide, and 75 inches tall, which places it in the normal range of today’s half-ton trucks depending on bed length.



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